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How we organize hustle-free safaris

We know best how to match travelers up with the very best accommodations that suit their budget. BUT that is only one part of the equation. It’s the little details (things that many travelers don’t even know are possible) that we are great at including in our travelers’ trips.

1. Tell us the trip you want

Give us a sketchy plan, activities, dates and number of travellers on your trip.

2. We will give you a phone call

The goal of our first conversation is to get to know you. We will ask you questions about your travel style, where you have travelled in the past, your specific interests and your intended budget for your journey. After we have worked through this process we will both have a better idea of what you want to do

3. Chat with our safari Expert

Our safari expert will continue to engage you to extract the missed out information in the sketchy you plan you shared.

4. We Craft your personalised safari

At this stage we will start narrowing down the hundreds of safari lodges or hotels you can choose from. We will discuss the exact number of nights you need to spend in each location and why, and the activities in each area. We chat about flights, the best way to get you in and out of each location (our goal is to get you quickly from one area to the next,) which may mean spending a little more on the most direct flight – ultimately giving you more game viewing time! With this all narrowed down you will then hear from us typically within one to two days with a full detailed itinerary that outlines what we discussed and your proposed tour cost. This is not set in stone, just meant to give you the first sample of what may be possible.

5. Add in the little details

Once we know where you are going, we then work with you on tours, dining, and other activities. We give you our personal ideas and suggestions because we know it is these details which ultimately make your safari complete. With all this in place we will then confirm your accommodations and at this time require a trip deposit which is 40% of the total safari price with gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits and golden monkey permits payment in full for their early reservations. Final payment is due 45 days prior to your departure and you will receive an invoice prior to that time.

6. Fine tune your safari

We will continue to fine tune your journey, for example making dinner reservations, booking additional tours or activities, that’s what we are here for and we will continue to tweak until you are 100% satisfied with your safari.

7. Book your journey

After paying your 40% of the total cost deposit, we will confirm your hotel reservations, internl flights, gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits, activities and all other reservations that we have to make for your trip

8. Your safari Preparation

Within 20 days, After receiving your deposit and confirming your trip, we will send you a preparation Package that will include your detailed itinerary, packing list, etc. Two weeks prior to your departure we will send you your final itinerary, contact details (phone numbers of our contacts who will be taking care of you along the way, emergency contacts and our after-hours numbers), E-tickets and copies of this information for your friends & family.

9. Bon Voyagè/Safari Njema

We wish you a safe trip.
While on your journey we will check on you along the way to ensure everything is just perfect and your safari is running smoothly as planned. Should you need us for anything during your safari, we encourage you to make use of our safari guide who will be with you for the whole of the trip and should you need a senior/management we are just a call away and we will help as soon as possible.

Boom! Your trips Bucketlist less by one journey :)

Once you return, we love to hear all about your safari! Your honest feedback is what helps us continue to improve our service to be the best.


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